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13th Forum images now auto-resize if browser width is reduced
6th  Old money quiz added to the Forum Fun page

28th Bug fixed whereby copying a forum post would break the 'previous - next' navigation order

^ 2018 ^

17th Members can now see who has 'liked' a forum post by hovering over the number
1st  1807 street plan added to Coventry map scans

20th Coventry on this day... page now automatically totals and displays days with no event

27th Sources (where known) can now be displayed on the Coventry on this day... page

21st Members can now edit, delete or rename pictures uploaded for the Forum jigsaw puzzles
7th  Historic Coventry front page Coat of Arms now fades in and out
18th Forum jigsaw puzzles given various levels of difficulty - choice of smaller and/or rotated pieces

14th New 'viewer' for Coventry map scans and Goad Fire Insurance plans - now with Google-style zooming and panning
12th Goad Fire Insurance plans of Coventry added
10th Improvements to the navigation of Coventry street maps
4th  Update to show the pedestrianised Broadgate
2nd  Old map scans now automatically resizes the maps to just under full-screen
1st  Improvements to the ordering and display of the Search page results

31st Coventry mayors list now automatically displays how many times a person has been the mayor
29th A more detailed street plan of 1939 added to Old map scans
26th Old map scans page now remembers selected size
23rd Members' forum profiles now show 'likes' table for their own posts
22nd Map update to the piece of City Wall around Pool Meadow
22nd Month links added and blank days highlighted in the On this day list
19th Coventry on this day... list added to the forum
9th  J. B. Shelton's Austin's Monthly magazine articles transferred to run from the database
8th  Forum index can now be filtered for Coventry-only topics
7th  Further update and photo on City Wall around Pool Meadow
7th  Updated some photos for the City Wall, St. Johns, Old Grammar School and Whitefriars
6th  The Guest book transferred to run from the database
3rd  Most of the Historic Coventry website converted to run from a database

21st Forum members can now 'like' a post by clicking the 'thumb up' symbol next to it
19th Memories pages now running from the database
15th Barry Page has now added his full memoirs online

29th Diane Ord has recognised herself in the Wallace Road photo
11th Another article by Damien Kimberley: Motor Panels (Coventry) Ltd
11th Gary Daffron has come up with a lot more names of those at the Wallace Pub on VE day
5th  Spinney Lane belatedly added to 1749, 1807 & 1851 interactive street maps
5th  1869 added interactive street maps to show mid-19th century growth
3rd  Further adjustment of the City Wall map to show how where the Pool Meadow section of wall crossed the river, the later bridge became the basis of Priory Street
3rd  The memories Brian Porter, A Coventry Kid, written by his wife

26th Forum jigsaw puzzles added for the enjoyment of members
5th  City Wall around Pool Meadow page updated with the latest excavation
5th  City Wall map and Coventry year maps adjusted for more accuracy in the Pool Meadow area after city wall remains have been unearthed

January 2017
14th 1910 Baedeker plan of Coventry added to Old Map Scans
13th The Broadgate section enhanced by two more lovely scenes supplied by Trevor Pring

^ 2017 ^

December 2016
23rd 1851 City of Coventry map added to Old Map Scans
4th  Non-Coventry category amalgamated into the mainstream forum

November 2016
24th William West's 1830 directory, compiled by John McSparron, added to the Forum members' articles index

October 2016
31st Fixed bug on forum that gave incorrect 'previous' topic when navigating back through a multi-page thread

September 2016
29th More detail and larger photos of the tapestry and north window on the Guildhall page
27th Another article by Damien Kimberley: The Arno Motor Company of Coventry 1908-1916
15th Alan Haywood has recognised some relatives in two VE day party photos in Frazer Road, Keresley

August 2016
14th Additional information for the Not Forgotten article by Simon Shaw
10th New article The Lion Bicycle Company of Coventry & Wolverhampton 1877-1882 by Damien Kimberley

July 2016
16th Godiva Harriers 'mystery' page updated with a link to compare with another photo in the forum gallery

June 2016
26th British Sport crossword added

April 2016
20th Forum update to allow easy linking to gallery images in forum posts
19th Added Rob's Pics collection of images for forum members to use

March 2016
21st Guy Gibson's account of flying over Coventry during the Blitz added

February 2016
6th  Guest Book closed to further entries due to the success of the discussion forum
5th  Prints sub-domain no longer in use, so removed

January 2016
19th Another of John Lane's memories - this time a plane crash over Exhall
14th Innocence - John Lane's memories of a new boy at Edgwick primary school

^ 2016 ^

December 2015
27th Updated photo showing Cheeky being presented to the rightful owner
6th  New feature - favourite topics can now be added on the forum

November 2015
24th Links to archive videos added to the Blitz section
19th A local BBC Radio photo mystery to solve - Find Cheeky!

October 2015
20th Major update to the Not Forgotten article by Simon Shaw
18th Updated pairing for the Blue Coat School now and then
18th Updated pairing for the Golden Cross now and then
10th Another memory added to the Bishop Street now and then page
2nd  New pairing for the Priory Row now and then

September 2015
28th New Council house 'Now and Then' on Steve's website
28th Updated Bishop Street / Old Grammar School 'Now and Then' photo on Steve's website
28th New pairing for the Council House now and then
27th Updated Jordan Well & Earl Street now and then (and corrected position)
27th Updated Art School in Ford Street now and then (and corrected position)
27th Updated Pool Meadow engraving 'now and then'
20th Updated Spon Street now and then

August 2015
31st Patrick Casey shares a postcard showing St. Michael's Church in the late 19th century
21st Update and improved map in Simon Shaw's Not Forgotten article
21st Updated aerial view on street maps

July 2015
6th  New short story by John Troughton added to the Book index
6th  Book index added to Local Authors

June 2015
1st  Inserting external images or links now automatically updates and previews the post on the forum
1st  Pop-up window provided to make adding external images easier on the forum

May 2015
26th Centred, Bold & Italic text can now be applied to forum posts
12th New 'now and then' of Burton's in Broadgate

April 2015
20th Printability of Historic Coventry webpages improved
12th Amendment to the Sherbourne Viaduct engraved 'now and then'

March 2015
31st New forum 'member article' The Earlsdon Company, by Simon Shaw
17th New Search for people category added to the forum
17th Improvements to forum admin to make category changing quicker
7th  Another of Edwin Brown's paintings kindly submitted for display in the Victorian Animal Artist article

February 2015
26th John Richardson has sent in a photo of the Broad Street School Rugby team of 1962/63 for the photo mystery section
24th Christine Heap has identified herself in a VE day party at Hardy Road
22nd Another ex-pupil remembers Courthouse Green School
16th Samuel Bradford's 1749 Plan of the City of Coventry added to Old Map Scans
15th Keyboard left & right arrows can now be used to navigate previous & next pages on the forum. Also, 'F' = first page, 'L' = last page, and 'R' = most recent post
15th Keyboard left & right arrows plus 'Home' & 'End' can now be used to navigate images in the forum gallery
12th The forum's automatic backup system sped up

January 2015
6th  "Sharpen" and "Flip" facilities added to the forum image editing suite
4th  Additional 'Title search' facility added to help forum members to place posts into the correct topic

^ 2015 ^

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