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Dunlop Rugby Union Club, by Lorraine Clarke

Lorraine Clark (nee Bentham) has kindly supplied two super photos here, and has added few words to explain how her family have had a very proud and important part to play in the history of the Dunlop Rugby Union Club....

This first photo is of the first team. My grandfather, Joseph Bentham, is the one in the suit at the back (left hand side) and was the trainer. My father, Jim Bentham, is at the front on the left sitting down. He became the fixture secretary and then chairman of Dunlop Rugby Union Club. He played for them right up until well in his fifties if they were short of a player. He also ran an insurance scheme for the Coventry Area teams so that if a player was off work due to an injury caused from playing rugger they got a payment.

Dunlop Rugby Union Club 1930s The Dunlop Rugby Union Club 'First Team' in the 1930s.

The second photo is of either the second or third team. My grandfather is at the back again, this time in his flat cap. My uncles and one cousin are in the front row (See the caption beneath the photograph).

Dunlop Rugby Union Club 1930s The Dunlop Rugby Union Club 'Second Team' in the 1930s.
Front row left to right: Bob Bentham (uncle), Billy Bentham (dad's cousin), Joe Bentham (holding the ball - uncle), unknown player, Billy Bentham (uncle).

My father's family came down to Nuneaton then Coventry from Wigan in the early 1930s. Their uncle Nat. Bentham played Rugby League for Great Britain in the 1920s, touring Australia, New Zealand and Canada in 1928.

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Dunlop Rugby Union Club, by Lorraine Clarke
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