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New Drinking Fountain at Coventry - 17 Sep 1859

In 1859 a building magazine article proudly announced the completion of a new drinking fountain, which had been recently erected in Fleet Street, just outside St. John's church. Of course, nowadays we might wonder why such prominence would be given in the press to an item as mundane as a drinking fountain. But maybe if this level of architectural effort were to be put into modern day features, we would have something worth writing about!

New Drinking Fountain 1859

SEPT. 17, 1859


A PUBLIC fountain has just been erected at Coventry. It is eighteen feet six inches high, and stands upon three broad steps. It is built of the local red sandstone, triangular on plan, with light-panelled buttresses at the angles, and niches in each of the three sides, having a stoup to each, and canopy over, worked and carved. The whole terminates with a central pinnacle, surmounted by an ornamental gas-lamp of copper. The south side niche contains an ornamental pipe and a metal cup, and below is a dog-trough, which constantly receives a flow of water. On a brass shield in the niche immediately over the pipe is an engraving of the city arms and the following inscription:- "Erected by the Coventry United Temperance and Band of Hope Association, 1859." The fountain was designed, gratuitously, by Mr. Thomas Pratt, architect, and was erected by Mr. Mault.

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