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A Coventry Kid's Tale


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John Collins was born into a family of four making it five.

The father = Granville Cyril Collins
The mother = Kathleen Ellen Collins
The sister = Gwendoline Collins
The something = the brother
The child = John Granville Collins

John Collins was born into a loving family, never knowing what it was like to be smacked. This was because he had learned to run fast at a very early age and his mother could not catch him. Also, as long as the child did not awaken his father when having his Sunday afternoon kip, then he could create mayhem for the rest of the week.

From a very early age the child made the bombed out ruins of Coventry his playground, also using buses to good effect to know Coventry well. How he survived the things he did, today he does not know. Sheer luck I suppose, but he will not write about some of the luckier things he got away with, just that it was a very lucky learning curve.

Enjoy the learning curve.

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