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A list of Coventry's Pubs, which existed in 1912. In the late 1800s the city's pubs were catalogued in a musical monologue by a variety-hall entertainer, Harry Dale. He called his recitation, "The Drinker's Dream", and it survived its originator to be used by pub and club entertainers until - and maybe after - the second World War.

This monologue will be reproduced beneath the full pub listing below.


Coventry's Pubs in 1912


Craven ArmsHigh Street(Not in use in 1912)
Gosford Park HotelSt. George's RoadFrdk. H. Makepiece
Hen & Chickens1 The ButtsMrs. Mason
Kings HeadHertford Street/Smithford StreetKings Head Hotel Co.
Queen's Hotel66 Hertford StreetRichard Henry Smith
Three TunsWarwick RowT. P. Furnan
White Lion50 Smithford StreetWalter. J. Osbourne

Private/Temperance Hotels

London Temperance Hotel7 Jordan WellR. C. Elliot
Priory Temperance Hotel39 Bayley LaneMrs. Sims & Miss Davies
Stoneleigh Private Hotel4 Stoneleigh TerraceMiss Halliday
Temperance Hotel24 Fleet StreetArthur Baker
The Central RestaurantBroadgate/Cross Cheaping
VictoriaWarwick RowMrs. Baker
Warwick Commcl. & Family HotelWarwick RowH. Rawson

Hotels/Inns, etc.

Acorn1 Cox StreetGeo. Wilson
Adam & Eve29 Eden StreetCharles Smith
Admiral Lord Rodney88 Much Park StreetHarry Freeman
Admiral Sir E. Codrington13 Radford RoadThomas Paybody
AlbanyAlbany RoadJ. H. Bates
Albion46 Thomas StreetW. J. Chinn
Alma44 Stoney Stanton RoadWm. Collins
Angel1 Cook StreetEdward Lewin
AngelStation Street WestAlfred Chaplin
AngelStation Street WestJohn Rollason
Antelope72 Gosford StreetBen Gilbert
Bablake Boy41 Cow LaneMrs. Puttman
BallWalsgrave RoadA. C. Robinson
Barley Mow52 Leicester StreetJos. Lamb
BeehiveTower StreetMrs. Faulconbridge
Binley Oak49 Paynes LaneWm. J. Penn
Bird in HandLittle Park StreetA. J. Lucas
Black DogWhitefriars StreetC. Jenkyns
Black Horse73 Spon EndJohn W. Dutson
Boadicea15 Market PlaceWm. H. Cleaver
Board16 Spon StreetGilbert Morgan
BoardHigh Street
Board Vaults37 Cross CheapingMrs. A. Essex
Bowling GreenHarnall Lane & 75 Spon StG. H. Lowe & Hy. Oswin
Brewer & BakerEast StreetWm. E. Embling
Bricklayers ArmsCromwell StreetMrs. Sidwell
BritanniaNew StreetJohn Henry Cadman
Broomfield Tavern16 Broomfield PlaceWm. Lunham Chapman
Buck & Crown49 Bond StreetGeo. Taylor
Bull & AnchorBishop StreetJas Lissaman
Bull FieldMoat StreetA. W. Woodward
Bulls HeadBishop StreetAlbert Geo. Atkins
Bulls Head37 Stoke GreenG. E. Wharmby
Butchers Arms11 New BuildingsW. Martin
Canal Tavern5 Leicester RowJohn Payne
Canterbury ArmsLower Ford StreetE. Simpson
CastleKing StreetE. J. Ingram
Castle Vaults 'Hole in the Wall'18 Market Place (Broadgate entrance)Harry Horns
Chauntry Tavern20 Chauntry PlaceMrs. Worrall
Chequers34 Little Park StreetJohn Busby
Cheylesmore60 Greyfriars LaneJos. Smith
City Arms35 Fleet StreetGeo. Edwards
City ArmsEarlsdonMrs. Cooper
City HotelBroadgateHarold Western
City Mill138 Cox StreetMrs. Marriott
Clarendon ArmsBayley LaneA. Wareham
Coach & HorsesMuch Park StreetJ. W. Sketchley
Coachmakers Arms64 Thomas StreetHenry Pendleton
Coombe Abbey21 Craven StreetMrs. E. Wells
CottageSt. John's StreetFredk. Clarke
Coventry ArmsBroadgate / Smithford StreetThomas Strong
Coventry CrossCross CheapingW. J. Buckler
Cranes1 Leicester StreetJoseph Bedding
Craven Arms65 Craven StreetJoseph Price
Cricketers Arms145 Far Gosford StreetHarry Padbury
Criterion Vaults52-53 Cross Cheaping
Crow in the Oak151 Lockhurst LaneMrs. Riley
Crown Hotel96 King William StreetEdwin Arnett
Crystal Palace3 BurgesMrs. Brown
DolphinMarket PlaceMrs. Dalton
Dun Cow42 Jordan WellRobert Bickley
Dyers Arms152 Spon StreetJames Guise
Eagle Vaults48 Spon StreetWm. Anstee
Earlsdon CottageWarwick StreetT. E. Hands
Elastic Inn106 Cox StreetW. Padbury
Elephant and Castle23 Castle StreetRichard Weaver
Falcon58 Jordan WellH. Watts
Five Ways61 Harnall LaneF. W. Burr
Fleur De Lis43 Smithford StreetJ. J. Franklin
Foresters ArmsRaglan StreetA. H. Liquorish
Fountain27 Cross CheapingChas. J. Davis
Fox & VivianGosford StreetLewis H. Francis
Freemasons TavernHarnall Lane EastBen Lane
Gas Tavern25 Gas StreetFrank Jackson
GateHoward StreetC. Chamberlain
General Wolfe551 Foleshill RoadE. Strong
George103 Little Park StreetArthur Lole
George IV16 Fleet StreetF. M. Paul
GlobeAlbion StreetR. G. Garbutt
Gloucester Arms57 Stoney Stanton RoadGeorge Kaye
Golden Cross8 Hay LaneHenry C. Hands
Golden CupFar Gosford StreetJ. J. Mattocks
Golden Eagle178 Foleshill RoadE. Ashby
Golden Horse46 Smith StreetJ. C. Eggington
Golden Lion9 Bull RingR. McGregor
Golden Lion41-43 Castle StreetJas. A. Wassall
Grapes27 Warwick LaneG. E. Green
Grapes6 Radford RoadFredk. Rushden
Green ManMuch Park StreetChas. M. Jones
Grey Friar65 Greyfriars LaneMrs. Brown
Greyhound118 Much Park StreetHerbert R. Standbridge
Half Moon62 Yardley StreetWm. J. Kaye
Hand & Heart119 Far Gosford StreetC. J. B. Bailey
Hare & Hounds60 Castle StreetF. Hewitt
Hare & Hounds85 Gulson RoadG. Haskins
Hare & Squirrel1 Cow LaneA. Elton
Hearsall TavernCraven StreetW. H. Shilton
HeathFoleshill RoadJos. Leadbeater
Hertford ArmsHertford PlaceJas. Oldham
Hertford Arms115 Far Gosford StreetEdward R. Warden
Hill Cross Tavern1 Abbotts LaneGeo. Prescott
Holly Bush5 Cook StreetR. R. Harris
Hop Pole16 Leicester RowW. H. Batchelor
Hope & Anchor38 Sherbourne StreetJ. Thomson
Hope & Anchor17 Whitefriars LaneC. Mitchener
Horse & JockeyMuch Park StreetJ. Pearson
Hospital2 Stoney Stanton RoadA. Hawkes
Ivy Cottage14 King William StreetHenry Summers
Jolly Weavers16 Silver StreetT. S. Yardley
Kenilworth Cestle39 Hertford-StreetWalter Gawthorpe
Kings Head60 Little Park StreetW. Judd
Lamp13 Cook StreetThomas Claridge
Lamp21 Market PlaceThomas E. Hands
Leicester ArmsStoney Stanton RoadWilliam Pichard
Leopard33 Primrose Hill StreetS. Rollagon
Leopard64 Smithford StreetWm. H. Smith
Livery Stables Inn45 Cox StreetThomas Kirby
Lord Aylesford20 Aylesford StreetChas. M. McGowran
Lord Leigh29 Lower Ford StreetJ. Bayliss
Lord Nelson56 Smithford StreetA. Hurst
Malt Shovel93 Spon EndHenry Causer
Market Vaults22 Market StreetF. W. Allard
Mattock & Spade17 Jordan WellWm. H. Barnacle
Meriden64 New BuildingsD. Cooke
Mermaid109 Gosford StreetJames Murray
Moira ArmsDrapers FieldsW. H. Clarke
Motor Hotel35 Dorset RoadE. Freeman
Mount Pleasant107 Raglan StreetThomas Bee
Nags Head42 Spon EndJoseph Hewitt
Navigation Inn771 Stoney Stanton RoadJ. Cakebread
New Inn46 Bulls Head LaneChas. Blockley
New InnFoleshill RoadW. Lombard
New Inn57 Gosford StreetW. D. Kingston
New Inn64 King William StreetJos. F. York
New Inn44 Craven StreetMrs. Flockner
New Star140 Much Park StreetW. T. Brown
Newdigate Arms11 Hill StreetF. W. Daniels
Nursery TavernLord StreetJ. Shufflebottom
O'Rare Ben Johnson18 New StreetJ. Bicklee
Oddfellows ArmsBond StreetA. Kalsey
Old Baths35 Smithford StreetHarry Hewitt
Old Chase43 Gosford StreetF. Watson
Old Dyers Arms4 Spon EndE. Barlow
Old Half Moon27 Hertford PlaceW. Judd
Old Stag20 Bishop StreetJonathon Hewitt
Old Star31 Earl StreetWilshire P. Woodcock
Old Tower21 Cook StreetIas. H. Pratt
Old Wagon and Horses7 Well StreetCharles Popper
Old WheelLeicester RowR. H. C. Wells
Old Windmill23 Spon StreetR. B. Twyneham
Peacock79 Gosford StreetArthur Shilton
Peeping Tom44 Hertford StreetH. E. Wilford
Pheasant27 Well StreetWilliam Watts
Pickering Vaults31A High StreetWm. Stevens
Pilgrims RestIronmonger RowMrs. Hyde
Pilot48 Much Park StreetHarry Pemberton
Pitts Head66 Far Gosford StreetS. A. Groves
Plough14 London RoadWm. Parker
PloughSpon StreetJames T. Stringer
Prince of Wales76 Thomas StreetA. Toney
Prince William Henry252 Foleshill RoadArthur Maiden
Priory Tavern58 New BuildingsWm. Sager
Queens48 Primrose Hill StreetTom Elson
Queens ArmsCross CheapingMrs. Moore
Queens Hotel Vaults46 Warwick LaneJohn Major
Raglan Tavern24 Raglan StreetH. Oxbarrow
RailwayLockhurst LaneWm. Lole
Railway HotelWarwick RoadA. Judge
Rainbow15 Cook StreetHerbert W. Suddens
Recruiting Sergeant14 Spon StreetS. G. Athersuch
Red HorseBarras GreenT. Hawthorne
Red House483 Stoney Stanton RoadW. H. Venn
Ring of BellsYardley StreetHbt. Duggans
Rising Sun181 Spon StreetJohn Wm. Biggs
Robin Hood37 Cox StreetJoseph Smith
Rose5 Well StreetJohn Pears
Rose172 Lockhurst LaneW. T. Cooper
Rose & Crown23 High StreetGeorge Summer
Rose & Crown18 Church End, Walsgrave RoadJ. Fellows
Rose & WoodbineNorth StreetDavid Ward
Royal Albert39 Gilbert StreetJas Aldridge
Royal Exchange1 Castle StreetJoseph Biggs
Royal HotelCross CheapingMrs. Lane
Royal Oak119 Gosford StreetWm. Green
Royal OakWhitleyJ. Marshall
Royal Oak22 Earlsdon StreetWm. H. Maye
Royal Oak629 Stoney Stanton RoadJohn Cotton
Russell Arms63 ButtsHarry Jukes
Sampson & Lion34 Swanswell TerraceT. Bailey
Shakespeare18 Spon StreetChas. Statham
Sir Colin Campbell122 Gosford StreetSamuel Eggington
SmithfieldHales StreetHarry Robottam
SpittlemoorLower Ford StreetL. H. Thrasher
Squirrel31 Little Park StreetFredk. Hickey
Stag & PheasantLockhurst LaneG. Moore
Star & Garter3 Bishop. StreetA. Farnden
Star & GarterAlbert StreetWm. McGowran
Summerlands49 ButtsA. Sands
SwanYardley StreetHumphrey Needham
SwanswellHales StreetJohn Dowse
Swanswell Cottage44 Leicester StreetW. H. L. Masters
Swanswell InnSwanswell StreetMrs. M. E. Atkins
Swanswell TavernWhite StreetAlfred Hewitt
Sydenham PalaceLower Ford Street/Cox StreetT. Owen
Talbot10 Cross CheapingJoseph Cross
The Royal60 Cross CheapingF. H. Wells
Theatre VaultsSmithford StreetC. H. Scattergood
Thistle65 West OrchardH. H. Naylor
Three Horse Shoes351 Stoney Stanton RoadC. Moore
Three ShuttlesHoward StreetJ. G. T. Bottrill
Toby's HeadPepper LaneWatson & Arch
Town Wall26 Bond StreetSamuel Windridge
Trafalgar ArmsTrafalgar StreetA. Jephcott
Tramway Inn29 Silver StreetThos. Castle
Union Arms51-52 Hope StreetW. H. Horton
Vauxhall TavernDays LaneJ. Tipping
Victoria VaultsVictoria StreetW. Madeley
Vine CottageCross StreetFrank Poole
Waggon & HorsesWell StreetChas. Pepper
Walsall Arms89 Cox StreetA. Wilkins
Watchmakers Arms36 Spon StreetS. Moyce
Waterloo TavernBrook StreetArthur Fennell
Wheat SheafLittle HeathA. Mason
White Bear41 New StreetJ. T. Thorpe
White FriarMuch Park StreetW. J. Lynch
White Hart52 Much Park StreetMrs. Kelley
White HorseBayley LaneMrs. Rose
White Horse49 East StreetMrs. Mason
White LionWalsgrave RoadArthur Hands
White RoseMarket StreetMrs. Green
White Swan1 Hill StreetReg. Jeffrey
William IV65 Spon StreetMiss Reid
William IVFoleshillThomas Green
Windmill105-106 Spon StreetFrank Piper
Wine Lodge17 BurgesJohn Grey
Woodman19 Bishop StreetA. Shillcock
Woolpack149 Spon StreetT. Harris
Ye Olde Salutation2 London RoadR. Brown
Ye Olde Spotted Dog12 Bull RingH. Taylor

The Drinker's Dream

I dreamt that I travelled by the Railway Inn to The Old Half Moon then round The Globe on The Golden Horse and through The Canal Tavern with Lord Rodney and Admiral Codrington on Board as The Pilot who steered by the Compasses to The Castle where Boadicea The British Queen gave to Samson and the Lion The Bulls Head from The Butcher's Arms after a fine Old Chase with The Hare and Hounds through The Smithfield and The Bull Field and up The Primrose Hill Inn through The Gate Inn to The Vine Cottages where I got The Bunch of Flowers Inn which was The White Rose and The Shamrock just New Inn from The Ivy Cottage where The Bablake Boy gave his Hand and Heart to The Angel for finding Five Ways to milk The Dun Cow that tossed The Black Dog that worried The Leopard that killed The squirrel that ate The Malt Shovel that lay in The Red House that The Builder's Arms built for The Brewer and Baker to play Chequers Inn with. Sir Thomas White and Sir Colin Campbell from The Alma who drove in The Coach and Horses from Coombe Abbey with The Old Friar carrying The Golden Cross to The Priory where the Pilgrim's Rest whilst The mermaid goes into The Old Baths which Peeping Tom tried to see and that made Coventry Cross and The Jolly Weavers with The Mattock and Spade knocked him onto The Dirty Duck in The Swanswell then told The Horse and Jockey to take him in The Waggon and Horses to The Hospital where The Craven Arms nobody but keeps his eye on The Sundial Inn The Watchmaker's Arms thinking at The Rising Sun that William the Fourth The Royal Sailor would introduce him to Lord Nelson from Trafalgar at The Wine Lodge where Robin Hood had had cut by The Woodman from The Royal Oak The Hop Pole which O'Rare Ben Johnson (The old Turk) was told to Mount Pleasant and hold The Golden Cup to catch The Dewdrop weighing Three Tuns to water The Rose and Woodbine at The Nursery where The Prince of Wales who rode the Black Horse shod with The Three Horse Shoes came from The Kenilworth Castle after hunting The Stags saw The King's Head Inn The Queens Arms they were waiting for The Hen and Chickens and The Pheasant to be cooked for The Recruiting Sergeant who fought at Waterloo cut off Toby's Head and jammed it into The Glue Pot grabbed The Peacock saying The Bird in Hand is worth The Antelope and The Bluepig in The Unicorn anyday. I then saw by The Lamp lit from The Gas Tavern The Dolphin and The Talbot in The Fountain at The Crystal Palace as busy as The Spotted Dog chasing The Fox through The Beehive then seeing The Rainbow I said to Royal Albert and The Queen that's a Criterion that we'll see no Reindeer for which she gave me The Star and Garter made of Elastic which I made a Royal Exchange of with Britania for The Sword and Mace to give to Shakespeare The Old Star at The Theatre Vaults who was playing Summerland or The City Mill at The Spittlemoor for the benefit of The Green man who came on The Old Wheel on The Tramway with The Forester's Arms full of Grapes to The Sydenham where we sat round The Punch Bowl and received a welcome Salutation.

Anyone interested in a more in-depth pub history for Coventry might like to visit https://pubhistory.historiccoventry.co.uk

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