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How many of us have an old photograph that contains a mystery person - maybe an ancestor, an old friend, work colleagues or neighbours? Or perhaps you know the people, but can't identify the place? Some of us inherit photos that we know nothing about, and wish to learn where they were taken.... or when. This section of Historic Coventry is where some of those photos can be displayed, both for our viewing pleasure, and in the hope that we might learn more about them from visitors who may recognise some element of your Coventry related pictures....

1.  1918 Team photo - but which team?
2.  Albert Edward Wright, police and military man
3.  Are these the Rover factory steps?
4.  Bus Driver, Alfred Heath (Solved)
5.  Car Factories (Solved)
6.  Church Lads' Brigade
7.  Courthouse Green School 1952-53 (Progressing)
8.  Coventry Assistants' Cricket Club, 1905 Season
9.  Did you shop here? (Solved?)
10.  Do you recognise anyone in this photo?
11.  Dorothy Hancock at the G.E.C. and at a street party
12.  Family Studio Portraits
13.  Football Team Photo (Solved)
14.  Hare & Hounds, Keresley (Progressing)
15.  Herbert Chapman's Football & Rugby Teams (Solved)
16.  Highbury Ladies Physical Culture Club, 1920
17.  Holbrooks/Keresley group photos - recognise anyone?
18.  Horse-drawn Outing (Solved)
19.  Julie Stevenson's collection of unknown portraits
20.  Keresley VE Day street parties - recognise people & places?
21.  Ladies from the G.E.C. in the Precinct
22.  Leamington Ales (Solved)
23.  Lena Conway and friends (Solved)
24.  Lester and Harris factory Netball Team
25.  The Linnett family at work, church and play
26.  Local BBC Radio photo mystery - Find Cheeky!
27.  Motorcycling trophies?
28.  Percy Lewis' Pub (Solved)
29.  Recognise any people or places in these photos?
30.  Small Workforce Photo
31.  St. Joseph's Convent (Progressing)
32.  St. Michael's choir c1906
33.  Where are the Godiva Harriers? (Solved)
34.  Where were these wartime photos taken? (Partially solved)
35.  Who are all these children outside the Munition Cottages?
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