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St. Joseph's Convent (Progressing)

We have a wonderful selection of photographs here from Maureen Donald, whose mother-in-law, Emily Taylor, attended a convent in Coventry as a day student. The connection between them is St. Joseph's Convent, and they date from 1922 to 1925.

St. Joseph's Convent

Here are the girls at St. Joseph's convent in 1922.

St. Joseph's 'As you like it'

And here, again in 1922, the girls performing the Shakespeare comedy "As you like it".

96 Godiva Street

Click the button to see a detailed close-up of this shop, number 96 Godiva Street, and try to spot how many of those old advertised brands are still around today!
Maureen thinks that this was the tobacco/candy store run by her grandparents, George and Agnes Taylor, and at Christmas they used to send a big box of treats from their store to the grandchildren in Canada, where Maureen now lives. Does anyone have recollections of this shop?

This priest also probably has connections with St. Joseph's Convent.

BTH (Coventry) Social & Athletic Club Hockey Team 1924-25

The BTH (Coventry) Social & Athletic Club Hockey Team, 1924-25

The connection with St. Joseph's is currently unknown, but as with all of these images, it's of great interest and part of Coventry's fine past.

These two fine portraits are probably connected to the Alfred Green family:
Soldier c1900 Children c1900

A "Now and Then" pair of photos showing exactly where the Convent stood in Walsgrave Road can be viewed on my Stoke website.

Update: 6th June 2013

I'm grateful to Veronica Tubbritt for adding another name to our first group photograph on this page....

"The first photograph of 1922, shows my mother on the front row at the end on the left. She was Winifride Hancocks. Her sister was Margaret Hancocks, who was a little older was also at the school. My Aunt Maggie died in the late 1990s, and mum died in 2000 at age 94. My mum is also in the 'As You Like It' photo, front row on the right, with the hat on."

Update: 21st August 2011

Catherine Binns (formerly Harrop) was at St. Joseph's, too, but started just before the war, then was evacuated with the Convent to Stoneleigh Abbey. Later, the older students moved to Offchurch and the younger ones to Crackleigh. Catherine has tried in vain to find anyone from those days, except two that she stayed in touch with. Catherine's two younger sisters were also at Stoneleigh after the Blitz.

To read more about this, please enjoy Catherine's memoirs of her time at Stoneleigh in the 'Your memories' section.

Update: 8th July 2011

Jennifer Noblet (nee Lee) has written in with additional information about some of the children pictured, and has also supplied a wonderful photo, which nicely complements the ones above of St. Joseph's Convent. Jennifer is fairly sure that it is her mother seated in the front row, fourth from the right, in the top school photo on this page. However, if it's not her mother in that photograph then it will be her mother's sister, Angela Martin. Her mother also features in the photograph below, taken around 1924 - seated on the far right of the second row.

It is also probably Jennifer's mother's sister, Sheila, in the photo of the "As you like it" play, standing second from the right on the back row, and the eldest sister, Nora, probably features in the 'gymslip' photo, back row, in the middle.

As always, I'm immensely grateful to Jennifer for this lovely contribution to the website.

St. Joseph's Convent

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