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Motorcycling trophies?

Anne Williscroft has sent in some smashing photos of her Step-Granddad - and motorcycle enthusiast - Eric Wilson. In the first photograph below Eric is the one with a moustache holding one of the trophies. Anne offers the following information and would like to know more about these super pictures....

"The picture of the 8 men looks to be outside some sort of pavillion. My Step-Grandad, Eric Wilson, worked at the Gauge and Tool but I don't know if it is anything to do with that. Comparing this picture with others I have of him (and looking at the size of the moustache, which when I was growing up was Jimmy Edwards' size) I would think it is late 1940s.

"I would be grateful if any motorbike experts could identify the bikes in the other two photos. The picture of VC6135, I think, would be early 1930s, the other one probably later 30s. If anyone can also recognize the location that would be great."

Group holding trophies Eric Wilson on his motorbike Eric Wilson on his motorbike
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