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Julie Stevenson's collection of unknown portraits

Julie Stevenson is in possesion of some very old photographic portraits - a varied and wonderful collection of people. There is little information for most of them, so Julie would appreciate any clues that you can give as to the identity of the people pictured.

Julie's nanna
The lady standing in this photo is Julie's nanna, Eva Marsden (nee Egglestone), but Julie doesn't know who the others are.
Mum & child
Who might this lady be with a child?

Update, 8th August 2014
Great news! Barbara Hancock has written in and added some extra super photographs of her own. As Barbara browsed the website she recognised the lady above as being her mother-in-law, Dorothy Hancock - and the baby, of course, is her husband, Raymond. See more fabulous photos here.

Three girls playing
Three girls playing

Two ladies
Two young ladies. Julie wonders if the girl on the left is the same person who became the mum in the next photo below?

Each photo below can be clicked to bring up a much enlarged version:

Mother and child Could this be the girl above, grown up with her own child? This portrait was taken in Rugby.
An unknown young man
An unknown young man

Sylvia Ann
Sylvia Ann - taken in Coventry, and in a folder marked "from Nell, Tom & Sylvia", who might be her parents.
Coventry portrait
Another portrait, which appears to be Sylvia Ann a few years on.
A wedding
A wedding
Another wedding
Another wedding
Word War One soldier
Word War One soldier. The photo is marked "1914 - 1918". Could the "SC" on his collar be significant?

Update, 19th May 2014:
Indeed it does appear to be significant. Forum member "Annewiggy" has informed me that the initials "SC" probably stand for "Special Constable". Many thanks for such a quick response Anne.

Two members of the Home Guard
Two members of the Home Guard.

Update, 26th April 2020:
Geraldine Williams has helpfully written to tell us that the gentleman on the left of this picture looks a lot like John Charles Cowley, who was in the home guard and father of her first husband.

GEC retirement c1951
Here is a lady, possibly named Ethel Waterfall, retiring from the G.E.C. around 1951. Julie's mum, Sheila Egglestone (nee Wells), is in the photo - directly behind Councillor Maxwell's nose!
It would be wonderful to fill in some more of the names, so please click the photo to bring up a much larger version where you can move around and zoom in on each person's face. With over 15,000 employees in the city by the 1970s, nearly every family in Coventry must've had a friend or relative working at the G.E.C. at some time! Another super G.E.C. photo, showing inside Helen Street, can be seen on this page.
(As a little aside, I'd like to mention here that I have that exact same model of G.E.C. radio in our bedroom, manufactured in 1954. I had to change a valve a couple of years ago, but it's still going strong in 2014!)

Please contact me if you can identify anyone or can help in some way.

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