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A full list of Vicars of St. Michael's Church & Cathedral in Coventry, compiled from a list displayed in the New Cathedral. If you notice this list become out of date, please contact me to remind me to update it.


Vicars of St. Michael's Church & Cathedral, Coventry

Vicars of St. Michael's Church

1207Ralph de Maynwaring
1244Ralph de Leycester
1249Richard de Sallow
1289Guy de Tyllebroke
1296William de Billesleye
1322John de Schulton
1323John de Kent
1331John Devery
1356William Antony
1358Thomas de Bretivill
1361William del Peck
1362Robert de Wentbrigge
1369John de Toftes
1381William Horncastell
1383Thomas Wodchale
1386John Bernard
1388John de Lodelawe
1389Patrick Wisse
1395Thomas de Stanley
1402Thomas de Tuttebury
1402John Wakeryng
1409William Glym
1418Robert Thresk
1419Richard Leyot
1425John Comber
1431John Heyworth
1436William Glym
1441Thomas Chesterfield
1457Lawrence Bothe
1457John Twisse
1457Thomas Edmunds
1473William Knyghton
1488John Gilbert
1488James Preston
1507John Vesey
1520Lord George Grey
1532Richard Manchester
1534Richard Nethermill
1538Arthur Dudley
1538John Ramryge
1553Hugh Symons
1577William Ireland
1583William Hinton
1624Samuel Bugges
1633William Panting
1644Obadiah Grew
1662Samuel Feake
1673George Downing
1684Isaac Fox
1722Thomas Edwards
1756James Parker
1768Benjamin Toms
1793Robert Simson
1846John Brownrigge Collisson
1858Sidney Henry Widdrington
1864Ashby Blair Hazlewood
1865Robert Hall Baynes
1879James Butter
1888James Robert Mills
1900James Augustus Atkinson
1906John Howard Bertram Masterman

Sub-Deans of St. Michael's Collegiate Church

1908John Howard Bertram Masterman
1912Albert Victor Baillie

Sub-Deans of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael

1918William Haighton Chappel
1922Harry St. John Stirling Woollcombe
1924Herbert St. Barbe Holland
1929Cyril Evelyn Morton

Titular Provost of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael

1931Cyril Evelyn Morton
1933Richard Thomas Howard

Provost of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael

1937Richard Thomas Howard
1958Harold Claude Noel Williams

Provosts of the New Cathedral Church of St. Michael

1962Harold Claude Noel Williams
1982Colin Douglas Semper
1988John Fitzmaurice Petty

Deans of the Cathedral Church of St. Michael

2000John Fitzmaurice Petty
2000Stuart Beake (Acting Dean)
2001John Dudley Irvine
2012Tim Pullen (Acting Dean)
2013John Witcombe
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