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Did you shop here? (Solved?)

Steve Archer has kindly given me a 'photo-mystery' with a difference here. Rather than having some photographs to identify - we have what appear to be the glass signs from a shop. Steve recently found them in his attic, in Coundon, Coventry, and is hoping that someone can shed some light on them.

The first two signs give the name "Robins and Son"....

Robins and Son Shop Sign.
Robins and Son Shop Sign.

And the last piece of signage tells us something about the type of shop we're looking for....

'Exclusive Styles' Shop Sign.
Along with these glass panels was found a piece of white card with a sticker on saying;

Please take care when trying on not to soil or scratch the soles. Thank you!

So, does anyone out there remember trying on any shoes or clothes at this establishment? We'd love to hear from you.

We do indeed appear to have an early probable answer to this one. Derick Parsons has written to me, and sent this excerpt from Spennell's Coventry Business Directory from 1922. In the 'Tailors & Drapers' section he found this entry...

Directory showing Robins & Co. in 1922

The type of establishment fits perfectly with the signs. Does anyone else have memories of this shop, or of the proprietor, F. Baird? Many thanks to Derick, who also found an entry that could help us with the Godiva Harriers mystery.

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