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Car Factories (Solved)


In the "Your memories" section Maurice Freel sent me a wonderful collection of Humber Works photographs, mostly taken by his brother-in-law, Peter Thacker. Not all the images could be identified, however, so I've brought them into this section in the hope that someone will recognise the places in the pictures.

The first two drawings appear to be of the same factory. We currently assume that there is some connection with the Humber works, but if not then there's definitely a strong car connection, with a mention of 'gear box castings' etc. Also, the "To Oxford" label might lend a clue to someone in the know. As usual, please contact me if you know anything.

Click any image to see the full sized version:
Factory thumbnail image
Factory thumbnail image
Factory thumbnail image

We have our first success....

Just a couple of days after going online Cliff Jones has already identified the third photo as being the Ryton works. Looking south: the road on the left is the A45, and to the right, the A423 Oxford Road.

And we might also have solved the first two....

Kim Pateman has this to add:

"I'm pretty sure the first two pics are of the Morris Engine Works in Gosford Street. I lived just above it for seven years and walked past it every day. The rear of the building appears to have acquired two or three extra storeys since the drawing was made? Although the drawing isn't 100% accurate it definitely has the 'feel' of the building I knew as a boy. The factory on the north side of the road later became Pattison's Engineering."

Does this spark off anyone else's memories of the factory?

Indeed it does! David John Brown has responded with this....

"Regarding mystery picture number two, definitely Far Gosford Street, and opposite also the small factory.... we used to nick coal from the boiler room! Also remember the fire in the early 60s. I think it was used as storage for NHS and downstairs Social Security."

Further to this, David adds....

"Looking at blitz photos, came across the 1945 Palace Yard view of High Street looking into Jordon Well. (On this Blitz page.) On the sky line can be seen the water tower and high buildings of the car factory in Gosford Street. Also, can anybody remember the whale that came to Coventry in the early 50s, which was on tour?"

It appears that David has sparked off someone else's memory, too. Stella Johnson, formerly Perry, also recalls this rare beast....

"I can remember the Whale that came to Coventry in the 50s. We went with the school to see it. The eyes and bits were in jars and the Whale was on the back of a lorry. I am almost sure it was just off Corporation street somewhere."

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