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St. Michael's choir c1906

This little piece of Coventry history has been sent in by Elaine Tomlins, whose Dad can be seen in the back row of this choir, third from the right. His name was Lewis Barker and he died in 1972 aged 78 years.
Lewis' younger brother, Rowland, is on the far right back row, but Elaine does not recognise anyone else in the photo.

St. Michael's choir c1906

The choir pictured belongs to St. Michael's and this portrait was probably taken some time around 1906 - still a few years before the church was elevated to 'cathedral' status in 1918.

Update: 9th September 2021

With thanks to Irene Shannon who is able to add to this story....

"I also have photo from about the same time. My father Frank Loverock Barnett, 1900 - 1986, was also a choirboy. He is in the second row from front, wearing glasses (ringed). It must have been a special occasion as they had all the banners out. I really don't know what the date is or the occasion.

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