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Inside the Cathedral Now and Pre-War

Below is a shot of the Altar and the east end of the cathedral as it stands today. It increases the feeling of loss to compare this photograph with the grand view beneath it, taken a few years prior to that night of destruction.

The ruined East end of St. Michael's cathedral 2004
The East end and Nave of St. Michael's cathedral pre-war

This earlier picture of the cathedral showing permanent pews in the nave, would have been taken before 1931 which was when these were removed and separate chairs used, giving greater flexibility. The high clerestory windows and slim pillars gave the church a feeling of spaciousness and light. The organ pipes can be seen on the right, and the pulpit, once host to many sermons over the past six centuries, is now a ruined stump; although a few stone steps remain - a favourite place for children of the 21st century to climb and sit!

If you wish to see other "before and after" comparisons like this of the cathedral and many other places, please take a look at my Now and Then section.

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