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Spon Street - right hand side

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Right hand side....

The north side of Spon Street looking eastwards towards the town centre.
St. John's Church tower can be viewed in the distance.
North side of Spon Street

159 to 162 Spon Street

At the far end of the north side of the street is number 159 - 162. This is another example of a "Wealden" house and is based on a rural Sussex design, although this one is still standing where it was built.

163 Spon Street

To the right can be seen a much larger three storey building which would have been typical of the merchant housing found in Much Park Street. Indeed, this is because in the early 1970s it was moved from Much Park Street to its present position over a three year period.

Pictured below is number 169 - one of the earliest "semi-detached" pairs of houses in England! These are also original to Spon Street and are estimated to have been built in the 1400s.

Finally, built in Tudor style, number 181 (bottom left). The pub's now known as The Green Room but probably best known by its former name; The Rising Sun. It was only built in late Victorian times but still adds a little character to the street. In fact, a 'character' well known to Sky Blue fans used to run the pub in the 1980s - 'Big' Jim Holton, (six foot two, eyes of blue, big Jim Holton's after you !) He was also previously a Manchester United and Scotland player.... still, nobody's perfect!

169 Spon Street 181 Spon Street

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All photographs by the author of this website.

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