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Chapel of Industry & Stained Glass Side Windows

From the Chapel of Gethsemane a short passageway takes you through to the Chapel of Christ the Servant, - also known as the Chapel of Industry due to the view of Coventry workplaces from its narrow windows.

The Chapel of Industry
The Side windows viewed from the altar

Something that is not apparent when one first enters the cathedral is that there are five full height coloured stained glass windows down each side. Because of their angle, it is not until you look back from the altar end that they become visible. They were designed to throw a progression of coloured light onto the altar representing five stages of life from birth to the afterlife. This brightly lit scene provides a stark contrast to the view from the entrance.
Taking a look upwards is also rewarding as the even amount of attention to detail given to the majestic vaulted ceiling is impressive.


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Chapel of Industry & Stained Glass Side Windows
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