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Old Grammar School - west side

Camera No. 29

In isolation, I'm certain that a look at this 19th century drawing would not quickly reveal its identity. It's only when we compare it with a modern day photograph from a similar viewpoint, that it becomes obvious we're looking at the Old Grammar School on the corner of Bishop Street and Hales Street.

if you wish to see the images separately.

As we stand in Bishop Street looking towards the Burges, we can see that at least half of the old building is missing. In the early 1800s the southern section, formerly the library building, had to be demolished to make way for the building of Hales Street, a road named after the founder of the school, John Hales. It's also clear from this old engraving that significant structural changes have been made to the front of the building in Bishop Street. Much of this was carried out in 1794, with further alterations in 1853, to enable street widening. A new window was built farther back, and all original features were lost, along with half of the tower, in order to set it farther back from the street.

The school eventually became King Henry VIII grammar school and moved to new premises in Warwick road in 1885.

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