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As well as being a great source of old photographs, postcards can also provide an useful insight into the opinions of visitors to our city. A few candid words will quickly betray their thoughts, giving us the objective view of a neutral observer. It is also interesting to study the handwriting, the sentiments and the humour used by folk in decades gone by.

1966: Impressed by the New Cathedral

Here's another postcard from Ben to another of his relatives in Windsor. Although the postcard he selected this time depicted the Old Cathedral as it looked in the 1930s, he once again picked out its replacement, the New Cathedral, for special praise, and as you can see from the text he's very impressed with it....

A Postcard from Coventry.

Postcard text: Yesterday we went to Coventry - have you seen the new Cathedral? We were very impressed by it. The weather could be better but it has not kept us in at all.

Nice to know that our poor weather didn't stop them going out. Reassuring to know that some things never change!

A Postcard from Coventry.

Sir Basil Spence would have been very relieved to hear such positive reviews about his creation! Many people were quite scathing at the time the New Cathedral was built, and Mr. Spence must have been extremely hurt by such unfair criticism after he'd put so much thought and effort into Coventry's flagship building.

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