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As well as being a great source of old photographs, postcards can also provide an useful insight into the opinions of visitors to our city. A few candid words will quickly betray their thoughts, giving us the objective view of a neutral observer. It is also interesting to study the handwriting, the sentiments and the humour used by folk in decades gone by.

1966: The New Cathedral - glorious!

To bring a little balance to our postal reviews, here's a postcard from someone who is far more enthusiastic about the then recently built New Coventry Cathedral.

A Postcard from Coventry.

Postcard text: Yesterday we went to Coventry Cathedral - it is really beautiful, and the stained glass is glorious. The postcards do not do it justice. Have you been?

A Postcard from Coventry.

Certainly, this postcard does little to demonstrate the glorious colours that adorn so many areas of the cathedral.

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