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Lamb Street to Well Street

City Wall & Tower near Lamb Street

Square Watchtower

From the base of the Bishop Street footbridge you can head westwards towards Birmingham along a pathway parallel to the ring road, and after a hundred yards or so you will pass the quite substantial remains of a square watch tower, accompanied by another surviving section of the wall.

The watch tower, already on high ground, would obviously have been taller still 400 years ago, and could've given advance warning of armies advancing from the north or west.

Wall & Bastion near Well Street

Wall near Well Street

The next segment of our Town Wall is only just over 100 metres farther on....
Continuing past the tower, down some steps and across Lamb Street there is a footpath near the Salvation Army building, where a length of city wall can still be viewed behind the Coventry Telegraph office.

This photo on the left clearly shows the remains of the semi-circular bastion as you approach the wall.

Wall near Well Street

Well Street Gate

Well Street Gate by David Hale Well Street Gate by Coventry artist, David Hale. (This image must not be copied or reproduced in any way without permission from the artist.)

Following the wall along southwards, it can be seen that at this end of the remains the last yard or so of wall takes a turn towards Upper Well Street.

It is at this point that Well Street gate would have stood (illustrated by David Hales, above left), and from here the wall continued along the northern edge of what is now Bond Street, ending at Hill Street Gate two hundred yards farther on.

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