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Lady Herbert's Garden & City Wall

Part of the wall in Lady Herbert's garden

Between Swanswell and Cook Street gates exists the best preserved surviving section of Coventry's old city wall. Either side of this lies Lady Herbert's Garden which was laid out by Sir Alfred Herbert in the early 1930s in memory of his late wife, Florence, who died unexpectedly in 1930.

Part of the wall in Lady Herbert's garden

After entering the gardens from the entrance above, you will find yourself not only in beautiful suroundings, but following the line of the "Old Rope Walk" which used to run alongside this section of town wall.... Prior to these gardens being built, John Astley's rope manufacturing yard stood here.

Further along, the wall comes to an end a short distance before meeting up with Cook Street gate which can just be seen ahead in this next photo.

Lady Herbert's garden

At the far end, if you turn around, you will be met by the view above with the spire of the old St. Michael's cathedral showing in the distance.

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